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OIC with ATP

In this post i will show you how to configure the oracle ATP with OIC . Additionally , i will also create an integration to access the ATP with a use case. Lets get started.

you need below information for successful ATP Connection on OIC. This information can be found on OCI Consol.

  1. Wallet file

  2. Wallet Password

  3. Database Service username

  4. Database Service Password

  5. Service Name

Login to OCI Console . Click on Hamburger menu and click on Autonomous Database

It will show you the available databases.

Now click on the DB Display name where as workload type is Transaction processing . This will take you to the ATP DB Page. Now click on DB Connection Tab

it will ask you to download the wallet file .

Rotate Wallet :

This will Invalidate the certificate keys associated with the existing instance wallet and

generates new wallet . It is a Good Practice to rotate the wallet as per the organisations password reset policy.

Enter the password and download the wallet .

Now the Wallet file Gets generated. We will use the same to configure the OIC Connection.

The wallet file contains the below files .

open the tnsnames.ora file to find the service name.

below are the service names .

Now Go the OIC Connections Panel and configure the connection .

you need to upload the file and provide the password you created at the time of download the wallet from the OCI Console .

Select the Security policy as JDBC Over SSL

Provide the User name and password of the database

Hit Test button to verify the connection . Sometimes people may receive the below error message .

CLOUD-0005: Unable to establish connection. Please check connection parameters; Network Adapter could not establish the connection. Please check the wallet credentials and ensure database is reachable.

Generally this occurs when we enter the incorrect Service name . So make sure you pick the valid service name .

It says Connection Success .


Now Lets create an integration to talk to ATP and perform the below use case.

Use Case : In ATP In a Table few Users got On boarded in a company . We need to access the list of users and send the Welcome email using OIC.

E2E flow looks like below .

Let me show the ATP adaptor configuration.

you can run a stored procedure , run a sql statement , or Perform an operation on a table.

in this case i have selected to run a sql statement.

Configured the email as below .

Saved , Activated and Submitted .

Lets check if i received the email notifications .

YAY .. Received 3 email as i have 3 employees created as of today in my ATP .

3 email received as i have configured the same emails address for all three employs in the ATP

Email Body.

Hope this Help . Happy Learning.

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