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Cross Validation Rules #GL#Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion General Ledger (GL) Cross-Validation Rules are used to assure the integrity and accuracy of data entered into the GL module. They are used to ensure that data submitted in the GL is consistent with data entered in other modules, such as Accounts Receivable or Purchasing. A cross-validation rule, for example, can be used to ensure that an expense account is only utilised with a valid department or cost centre.

One way a Cross Validation Rule in GL can help limit the entry of invalid code combinations is as follows:

-A corporation has mandated that an expense account be utilised solely in conjunction with a specific department or cost centre. This rule can be configured to be a cross-validation rule in Oracle Fusion GL module. When a user attempts to submit a transaction that is not permitted by the rule by utilising an expense account and a department or cost centre, the system prevents the user from saving the transaction and displays an error notice.

Cross-Validation Rules in Oracle Fusion GL can help guarantee that data entered into the system is consistent and accurate, as well as preventing users from entering improper code combinations.

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