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How Does Vertex Integrated with oracle fusion to calculate ap invoice tax#ORACLEFUSION

Vertex is a third-party tax calculation software that can be integrated with Oracle Fusion to calculate the tax for AP invoices. When integrated with Oracle Fusion, Vertex can help organizations accurately and efficiently calculate the tax for their AP invoices, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.

To use Vertex with Oracle Fusion, the organization would typically need to set up the integration between the two systems. This may involve configuring the connection between Oracle Fusion and Vertex, as well as setting up any necessary integration rules or mapping between the two systems.

Once the integration is set up, the organization can use Vertex to calculate the tax for their AP invoices in Oracle Fusion. This typically involves sending the necessary invoice information from Oracle Fusion to Vertex, such as the invoice total, the ship-to location, and any applicable tax codes or rates. Vertex will then use this information to calculate the tax for the invoice and return the results to Oracle Fusion.

The organization can then use the tax calculation results from Vertex to update the AP invoice in Oracle Fusion with the correct tax amount. This helps ensure that the AP invoices are accurately and efficiently processed, and helps the organization stay compliant with tax laws and regulations. This is Just a General functional Understanding of how these systems work together based my Working Experience on these tools . For more detailed steps .. please visit the respective documentation

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