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Segment Security #GL#Fusion

Oracle Fusion Segment Security The General Ledger (GL) feature enables an organisation to restrict access to data in the GL depending on certain parts of the GL chart of accounts. A segment is a subset of the chart of accounts or a collection of accounts. For example, a company may want to restrict access to financial information for a single department, or grant specified users access to specific categories of accounts, such as income or spending accounts.

Oracle Fusion GL implements segment security by defining which users or user groups have access to certain parts of the chart of accounts. These security rules might be based on a variety of factors, including user roles, responsibilities, or business units

For example, an organisation can create a security rule that restricts access to revenue and expense accounts to people with the position of "Finance Manager," while restricting access to all other users. In this approach, Oracle Fusion GL Segment Security enables enterprises to manage access to sensitive financial information while still complying with regulatory standards.

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