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FLV- Field level Security in SFDC

FLV is an abbreviation for "Field-Level Security" in Salesforce. It's a feature that lets administrators restrict access to specific fields on a record rather than the full object. This means that according on their role or profile, users might be permitted or refused access to specific fields on a record. This can be used to grant varying levels of access to different categories of users, as well as to secure sensitive data from illegal access.

Field-level security can be configured in Salesforce by navigating to the Object Manager and selecting the object you want to customise. From there, you can choose which fields to secure and specify the appropriate level of access for each. You can also use "field-level encryption" to encrypt certain fields, guaranteeing that the data saved in those fields is safe and accessible only to authorised users.

Enable/Disable the Visibility and Read-only properties for the desired Profiles and Save .

To establish a comprehensive security strategy, field-level security is frequently used in conjunction with other security capabilities in Salesforce, such as sharing rules and permissions. It is especially handy when working with sensitive data, such as financial or personal information, because it allows you to restrict access to certain fields on a record rather than the entire object.

Overall, FLV is a powerful security tool in Salesforce that helps administrators to manage access to certain fields. It's an excellent approach to safeguard sensitive data and personalise access to record fields according on a user's role and profile.

Hope this Helps . Happy Learning.

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