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Dynamic Insertion#GL#FUSION

When transactions are entered, Dynamic Insertion in Oracle Fusion General Ledger (GL) allows an organisation to automatically insert extra segments or values in the GL chart of accounts. This feature enables enterprises to better manage and analyse their financial data by establishing new segments or values based on the transactions that are entered.

For example, a company might want to measure sales by product line or location. The system can use Dynamic Insertion to establish new product line or region segments in the GL chart of accounts when new transactions are entered, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Different criteria, such as transaction type, account, or source, can be used to configure Dynamic Insertion. The criteria for Dynamic Insertion can be configured in the GL and can be based on transaction data such as the source, account, or transaction type.

Dynamic Insertion is a valuable tool for firms that want more granular and dynamic financial data tracking and analysis. It enables businesses to automatically build new segments or values in the GL chart of accounts based on their transactions, resulting in a more accurate and comprehensive picture of their financial data.

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