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Upload File to OCI Object Storage from OIC

In this Post , I will show you how to upload the file to OCI Object Storage.

Prerequisites :

1) Public & Private API keys

2) a Bucket in Object Storage

3) OIC Connection

Public key is required to add it at the user level in OCI identity . To generate one use the below commands .

Private Key

 chmod go-rwx oci_api_key_fge.pem

you have to execute this in your UNIX terminal and it will prompt to enter a passphrase . Upon entering the same a private key gets created .

Remember the Passphrase , we need this at the time of OIC connection

Provide Permissions to the private key created in previous step

chmod go-rwx oci_api_key_fge.pem

Create Public Key :

openssl rsa -pubout -in oci_api_key_fge.pem -out oci_api_key_public_fge.pem

Now got to identity > users in OCI to upload public key . This will give you the fingerprint information which will be further needed while configuring OIC connection.

Click on the user name

Click on API keys and add api keys .

Here select paste public key . The public key we generated in the first step.

Click on add and you will see the finger print gets created as shown below .

Now Create a Bucket in Object Storage :

login to the OCI Console and search for object and select the same as shown below

This will take to a page where you can create buckets .

Click on Create Bucket Button

Enter the Bucket name and leave rest as default and click on Create Button

This will create the bucket as shown below .

when you click on the name , it will take you inside the bucket as shown below . it contains some important information like OCID which is required to configure the connection in OIC

Now create a OIC Connection :

Login to OIC and navigate to connection and select REST adaptor

Connection url follows the below format .

Tenecy OCID you will get it from below

  • Administration > Tenancy Details

User OCID you get it from user details

Private key which we generated in 1st step

while generating it , i have asked to remember the Passphrase . The same has to be used here .

with all these things in place , the connection is successful.

lets go and create the OIC integration.

i am keeping the source file in BOX and the same file need to be uploaded to the object storage . to do this lets configure the rest adaptor wizard with our bucket name

uri- /n/{namespaceName}/b/{bucketName}/o/{objectName}


in the mapping map the file reference from source to target.

Final integration looks like this .

Integration completed successfully .

file is uploaded to object storage .

Download and view the file .

Happy Learning . Hope this helps.

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