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Short BIP Report - OIC

In this Blog , I will Outline the Steps to Create Short BIP Reports which are created to fetch lesser volumes of data.

Use Case : Create a OIC Integration to Accept the Parameters and Invoke the BIP Report and Read the response and send it back as a REST Response.

Connections Required :

1) REST Trigger Connection

2)SaaS BIP Connection

High Level Steps :

1) Rest Trigger

2) Invoke BI

3) Write the Response to Stage

4) Read the Response from Stage

5) Map Read Stage Response to rest Response.

6) Activate & Run

Configure rest Trigger End Point.

Define The Parameters

Configure response Message

Configure RunReport Service

Select Operation As RunReport

Map the Rest request to BIP Invoke

Now Configure the Stage File Operation to write the BIP Response to OIC Stage Area

Add the below Opaque Element As file

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>

<schema targetNamespace=""

xmlns="" >

<element name="opaqueElement" type="base64Binary" />


Now Configure read File Operation to read the File Written to the OIC Stage.

Create a Csv Schema File with the respective Structure and configure as below.

Now Map the read File Stage Response to the Rest Trigger Response .

your integration will look like below.

Configure the Business Identifiers and and Activite the integration.

Integration Activated

Now you can Invoke this from tools like Postman , Additionally from OIC we can test this as shown below.

Pass the Defined Parameters And Hit test.

Hope This Helps !

Happy learning.

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