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Oracle Fusion Query to get GL Segment values

SELECT segvalsets.value_set_code , value , segvals.description , enabled_flag , start_date_active , end_date_active , summary_flag , flex_value_attribute1 AS POSTING_ALLOWED , flex_value_attribute2 AS BUDGETING_ALLOWED , flex_value_attribute3 AS ACCOUNT_TYPE , flex_value_attribute4 AS CONTROL_ACCOUNT , flex_value_attribute5 AS RECONCILIATION_FLAG, flex_value_attribute6 AS FINANCIAL_CATEGORY FROM fusion.fnd_vs_values_vl segvals, fusion.fnd_vs_value_sets segvalsets WHERE segvals.value_set_id = segvalsets.value_Set_id AND segvalsets.value_Set_id IN (SELECT value_set_id FROM FUSION.fnd_kf_segment_instances WHERE structure_instance_id IN (SELECT fusion.fnd_kf_str_instances_b.structure_instance_id FROM FUSION.fnd_kf_str_instances_b WHERE application_id =101 AND key_flexfield_code = 'GL#' ) )

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