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Oracle ERP Cloud SSO Issues

In this article i am going to share some real time issues faced on Single Sign on when an user attempting to use "Company Single Sign-On" (See PicShot1) Button on Oracle ERP Cloud Login Page.

Problem Statement : After clicking on "Company Single Sign-On" Button , a new page gets redirected which is usually a Microsoft's email login page and then further redirected to the clients specific login page . This means the Credentials will get authenticated with the companies active directory. Upon Successful validation the user will land on the oracle ERP Cloud home page.

However in case of any issue they see the below common error .(See PicShot2)

How to troubleshoot:

First Step is to ask the user to perform the below

>> Open fresh browser and hit the Test SSO url ( )

>> Click "Start SSO" button and sign in when prompted

>> Next Step will give you the Federation SSO Operation result. This will basically have the error message which will help us to debug the issue further.

Based on these messages one can identify whether the issue is with Service Provider or Oracle ERP Cloud itself.

Hope this Article helps :)

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