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Oracle ERP Cloud Export Patterns

We have Two Options to Extract Data from oracle ERP Cloud.

1) BIP Extract - This is mainly for Extracting Incremental Data

For Example : Get the list of invoices that has been approved Since last Execution.

Extract Payment data since last execution to send it to the downstream or upstream Applications.

2) Short BIP Reports - Designed for Extracting Smaller amount of data . like fetching lookup values or getting some configuration or Transaction data for validations or derivations.

Example : Fetch COA values for Specific Ledger.

Oracle Integration Cloud Supports ERP Cloud Seeded BIP Extracts.

Important List of Financial Extracts:

1) payable Transactions

2) Payments

3) Receivable Transactions

4) Receivable Adjustments

5) receivables Receipts

6) Receivables Billing History

7) Journals

8) Trail Balance

9) Financial Tax.

Hope This Helps. Happy Learning.

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