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OIC -ERP Cloud Adaptor-Peek View

In this blog I will outline the various features available with Oracle ERP cloud adaptor.

In the oracle integration cloud , oracle offers ERP cloud adaptor with which once can do many operations.

When you configure the connection related to this adaptor , you will see the below options.

When you select the first radio button , One can browse by Business Objects, Services and Business (REST) Resources.

Depending on the requirement , one can choose these options.

For example , if I want to get an status of an ESS job , I should select the services

then "ErpintegrationServicce" . After the selection , you will see all the operations

available under that service. As shown below.

See the Example for Selecting a business object . In this Case , I have selected Fixed Asset related BO.

When Select the Business (REST) Resources , one will get the option to choose the

service application and then selection of business resource. See below for Payable , there are number of resources available for that module.

Generally , Through this selection one can perform the get and get all orations on available business resources.

When Selecting the Bulk Import option .. One will get the option to perform bulk import operations via the FBDI files for various different functionalities like payable Invoice import , Receivable Invoice Import and so on ..

In the below Screen , i have selected "Post Mass Additions" process to import the Asset into Fixed Assets module. After selecting the process name , one can see the respective UCM account and ESS job package name at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Additionally , Developer can choose the list of files like (Error , Log , Out ) to write it to the UCM account after completion of the ESS job.

Under this selection , one will get the option to configure the Email and Bell Notifications when the respective ESS jobs completes in any stage . Along Side , once can enable the same to receive a callback. Calls backs are very helpful to get the ess job's statuses along with the out,bad, log files back to the OIC environment . Please note that there must be a CSF key configurations in place to work the same .

CSF Key Configurations Click Here

Lastly , The below Radio button selection is Quite useful in unique requirements like to push the files to UCM and use them to import in the later point of time. Please note that the Bulk import operation by default takes care of pushing the file to UCM follwed by submitting the respective ESS jobs.

This selection will give the ability to select the security Group , Doc Account Along with optional encryption option while uploading the file.

Hope this Helps .

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