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OIC-BOX Adaptor Connection

In This Blog , I will outline the steps to configure the OIC Box Adaptor.

In Order to create the successful BOX Connection , We need the below Details from BOX Developer Console

  1. Client id

  2. Client Secret

  3. Scope

  4. Primary Signature Key

  5. Secondary Signature Key


Now to get these details , lets go to BOX Developer Console.

Now , Click on Create App .

Select the Custom App

Chose the Authentication Method. you can Choose any of these , I am Choosing OAUTH and provide an APP name.

Click on Create App and this will take you the App configuration tab which contains the Client Secret and Client ID.

Configure Call back URL as show below.


Hit Save Button. Scroll down a bit and Check the Application Scopes as shown below.

Now Go to WebHooks Tab and generate primary and secondary key's

Come back to the configuration page and save the changes.

Now We got all the information we are looking for box connection . Lets Go Back to the OIC BOX Connection Page and fill the details and hit Provide Consent. This Action will launch a new tab and hot the call back url configured at the Developer Console.

It will prompt for the OIC's user name and credentials . Upon successful authentication you see the below page. Click on Grant Access to box.

Once done , you see Access Allowed as show below.

Return to the OIC Connection Page and Hit Test.

Now the OIC Connection is ready and in Configured state.

Now Connection can be using in Invoke or Trigger role in Any of the Integrations.

Happy Learning.

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