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How to Set Override Email Address in Oracle ERP Cloud

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In this Article , I will show you the way to configure the override email address for all the BPEL based notification in oracle fusion applications. Please note that this is not applicable to the processes which are independent of BPM workflows. As every one aware that In oracle ERP Cloud all the Business workflows are designed using BPEL so it is important that one should know how to setup a test email address in the Non Prod instances to carry out some testing or to Stop the emails going out to the real customers/Employees/Suppliers in different modules.

  • Navigate to Home page > Setup and maintenance > Search for %Manage Expense%

  • Search For the task > Manage Expense- This will take you to the BPM Worklist Page

  • The below Page gets launched.

  • Click On Administration and you will see a field called "Test Notification Email Address" . Click on Edit and Add the test email address as shown below . Hit Save Ones Done.

Hope this Helps !

Happy Learning

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