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How to Get the List of Business Events in oracle financial cloud using REST

To get the list of business events in Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud using REST, you can use the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the necessary permissions to access the list of business events. In Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud, this typically requires the "Business Event User" role.

  2. Use the REST API to retrieve the list of business events. You can do this using an HTTP GET request to the /fscmRestApi/resources/latest/businessEvents endpoint.

  3. The API will return a list of business events in the response body, in the form of a JSON array. Each element in the array will represent a single business event, and will contain information such as the event name, description, and current status.

  4. Here is an example of what the response might look like:

[  {    "BusinessEventId": 1,    "BusinessEventName": "CUSTOMER_CREATE_EVENT",    "BusinessEventType": "CUSTOM",    "EnabledFlag": "Y",    "MessageName": "CUSTOMER_CREATE_EVENT_MSG",    "ObjectVersionNumber": 1,    "SourceObjectName": "CUSTOMER"  },  {    "BusinessEventId": 2,    "BusinessEventName": "CUSTOMER_UPDATE_EVENT",    "BusinessEventType": "CUSTOM",    "EnabledFlag": "Y",    "MessageName": "CUSTOMER_UPDATE_EVENT_MSG",    "ObjectVersionNumber": 1,    "SourceObjectName": "CUSTOMER"  },  ...]

You can use this information to iterate over the list of business events and perform actions such as enabling or disabling events, or subscribing to events using the REST API.

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