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How to Create Announcements on Oracle ERP cloud Home Page

In this Post I will write the steps to publish an announcement in the oracle ERP cloud Home page .

Announcements are helpful to pass some Kind of message to a Group users or the entire user base who have access to the application. one can create different categories like article, Event, Insight , User Defined and publish on the home page .

To create an Announcement , one need the Privilege (ATK_CUSTOMIZE_HELP_TOPICS_PRIV)

Navigation > Tools > Announcements

Click On create and enter the below details. you can optionally upload image of your choice .

The created Announcements will be shown as below . you can create number of such announcements and display on the homepage .

Visibility to "EL Expression" - This option will give the flexibility to display the announcements to the users who are assigned with particular roles . For example , if you wanted to show the announcement to the payable managers you can add the Expression as below .

Syntax :



You can see that the Announcement is published on Home Page.

Additionally , one can leverage REST services to create , update , delete Announcements .

Hope this Helps. Happy learning.

References :

REST Services :

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