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Add a Global Banner in ERP Cloud/Fusion Applications

In this Post , I will outline the steps to add the Global Message visible to the users.

This is an Important feature comes handy if you wanted to quickly show a message globally as a Banner in the fusion application. It could be telling about the instance name like Dev, test and Non prod or to show a message which is important and visible across all the pages.

oracle offers a flexible way to add the message at the top of the page as header using a admin profile options . This can be setup in just few steps .

To set a banner message, Perform these tasks:

  1. Go to Setup and Maintenance work area, go to the Manage Administrator Profile Values task .

Click on search ..

  1. Search for task Manage Administrator Profile Values

2. Search for the Banner Message (FND_BANNER_MESSAGE) profile option.

Follow the below steps

Note: The length of your message must not exceed 1000 characters. If your message has more than 77 characters, only the first 77 characters are displayed on the global header, and the complete message appears when you hover over the banner.

2. Click Save and Close.

3. Sign out and sign back in to see the banner message.

Hope this helps . Happy learning ..

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